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  • Blockchain in Healthcare Market to Surpass USD 14,250

    This will potentially enable millions of new customers, around the world, to experience next-generation digital entertainment and connectivity services through Horizon for the first time. Liberty Global will continue to control product roadmaps and retain all intellectual property for the Horizon entertainment and connectivity platforms. The COVID-19 pandemic boosted the global blockchain technology in the […]

  • Three key RPA benefits for a business

    Content The Benefits of RPA and How to Choose What to Automate Appointment Scheduling And Management Greater Data Control How Does RPA Help Businesses Today? Here are 7 key benefits of RPA and how it’s different from other technologies: Automated Responses & Triggers Access the latest business knowledge in IT Four steps to implementing RPA […]

  • Monolithic architecture vs microservices: Which is better?

    Content Release/ QA Testing Tech lead: Brand-new promotion for top developers Intelligent Platforms Disadvantages of Microservices: Want a Better Innovation Architecture? How do you convert microservices to monoliths? Easier to Manage Codebase Microservices are often more expensive than a monolith. But taking into account the developer’s work hours, in the long run, they can cost […]